Built in the former private chapel of Baron Jacques Pineau de Viennay at Château du Grand-Lucé, this striking space is uniquely positioned adjoining the restaurant Le Lucé. As a cheeky nod to our French-American partnership, and in honor of the Baron de Lucé, who constructed the Château in the late eighteenth century, the bar is named for the Baron, with an American twist. Jacques Pinneau de Viennay translates directly to Jack Pine from the village of Viennay. ⁠

With two bar tops set under stained glass windows, original tomette tile floors, loads of green velvet upholstered seating, a flash of au courant Jean-Paul Gaultier fabric, an arrangement of ballroom chairs sourced from the Palace of Versailles, all set under a vaulted ceiling painted a midnight blue with a gold star motif, lounging is inevitable. Le Lucé executive Chef Maxime Thomas has crafted a fabulous uniquely unexpected bistro menu that offers authentically French classics as well as his interpretations of a few American favorites.

The team at Hotel Chateau has mixed a creative selection of house cocktails, typically with a little something from our potager gardens. Our signature drink, the Jack Pine, has been created with American enthusiasm and inspiration. We started with Gentleman Jack, the most elevated Jack Daniels whisky, and added a splash of Emile Pernot Liqueur de Sapins 55, a surprisingly light pine infused French grand liqueur. This gentleman’s drink is served on the rocks, and of course, with a twist.